We brought our daughter to Southland Conservatory 4-5 years ago because she loved to sing and we thought it would be a great place for her to get some good instruction.  What we didn’t expect were such wonderful and loving teachers.  They have a wide range of teachers based on your musical want.  As far as our daughter they really spent a great amount of quality time with her and eventually our daughter took up the Piano as well.  They are well aware of a child’s capability and do a great job harnessing their potential.  We have recommended SC to many people and look forward to more musical growth from our daughter.

C. Blaich


My daughter has always loved music, vocal and instrumental. Her dream is to be a professional singer. After one month of vocal music, I knew my money was being well spent! I listen to the piano, and sometimes I go to our music room to make sure she’s the one playing the sweet melodies.

S. Brown


Our two boys have taken lessons for about 4 years; both boys are doing very well with their lessons. I believe the Conservatory has a great product at a reasonable price.

E. Corkill


My kids have attended Southland Conservatory for 7 years. I have found the instructors to be knowledgeable and great with kids.

D. Taylor


Our daughter has been taking violin lessons at Southland for 3 years. We have always found the instructors to be caring and friendly. I would recommend Southland to anyone.

M. Gates


3 of the 4 people in my family have taken lessons at Southland through the years. We have been very pleased! Every teacher we have had has touched our lives and inspired each of us with our various instruments, whether it the piano, guitar, or voice.

M. Schneider

Parent and Student

My daughters have taken lessons in piano, voice, and saxophone. Southland instructors can provide basic instruction for a beginner, or challenges for an intermediate musician. Private lessons also supplement our band and choir instruction from school. The lessons have been great for my daughters.

M. Donahoe


I found that taking lessons helped my extra-curricular activities at school. Always being involved with band, choir, and jazz band, I can’t see myself without that foundation I acquired at Southland.

K Lawrence

Former Student, and Educator

Lessons are great for establishing a sound foundation and then building on that foundation with sound fundamentals. Instruction is detailed, friendly and fun.

L. Smoot

Student Adult

I have been a student here for many years, and have learned more than just music. The teacher’s help you think and learn in different ways, and can compare them in a life setting. Everyone has been more than friendly here. The teachers work with you and around your schedule to make it comfortable and convenient for you to take lessons.

J. Simer

Student 17y/o

I take Piano and Violin at Southland and I am very happy taking lessons there. Every time I arrive, I am greeted by the friendly staff, some of which I might not even know! I am also happy at Southland because both of my teachers are very good at what they do. I really like taking lessons at Southland Conservatory.

S. Henkle

Student 11y/o

I like playing the drums because of the beat of them, and its fun to make your own beats. I really like my teacher because he is nice.

M. Rexroad

Student 9 y/o

Our children have been taking multiple instrument lessons from Southland Conservatory for five years (voice, guitar, piano, drums). It is awesome to see our children sharpen their God given talents. All three use the skills they have learned from their music lessons as they perform at church and teach the younger about music. It has given them confidence to stand up in front of big crowds as they perform together in a local band. Thanks Southland conservatory for the many hours of excellent lessons.

Brian Hill

Southland Conservatory and its staff have created a very positive experience for my children's music education. My daughter has taken flute/piccolo lessons at Southland for over 6 years and my son has taken baritone lessons for about 2 years. They have been very helpful and willing to work with our schedule and special circumstances that have arisen. The instructors are very qualified and I have found them willing to work on school concert music, contest music or just music that the children have thought they wanted to play. I highly recommend Southland Conservatory and their instructors because our experience has been exceptional and my children have really enjoyed their lessons.

C Hopkins

My daughter has taken lessons at Southland for over three years...and what a great experience it has been for both of us! The voice lessons have added such dimension to her life and her musical talent. The teaching staff allows the students to choose music that fits their style. Southland is not only our music lesson provider, but also an extension of our family.

L Gross